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Welcome to Big E’s Vapor Shop.

Welcome to Big E’s Vapor Shop. We have three locations in Wichita, Ks – East, West, and South. We provide high quality vaping hardware for everyone from the novice beginner to the advanced vaper. All of our premium E-Juice is made in house with top quality USA Food grade ingredients. Each flavor is “dialed in” to perfection. You can taste most of our juices in our juice tasting bar for free!! You may ask what sets us apart from other Vape Shops? Our customers will tell you that it is unequaled customer service and Top Quality products, most of which are backed by a warranty. We have made it our mission to educate anyone who makes a purhcase from us about the products in that they chose to buy. We want you to have a positive vaping experience. We fully intend to have an online store in which to purchase all of our products very soon. Until then you may call us for any orders you would like to place, and we will be more than happy to ship to you. Thank you for stopping by to visit our page. And as always…

Get Your Vape On!!!